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Bill Progress in the House of Representatives

5th Session of the 11th Parliament

The Shipping Bill, 2019

An Act to repeal and replace the Shipping Act, Chap 50:10, the Harbours Act, Chap 50:06, the Droghers Act, Chap. 50:07, the Motor Launches Act, Chap. 50:08, to amend the Port Authority Act, Chap. 51:01 and the Coroners Act, Chap. 6:04 to provide for the certification and registration of seafarers and the certification and registration of vessels and offshore installations, matters relating to crew safety and security of life at sea and matters incidental thereto
The Bill as introduced comprises 33 Parts and 554 sections.

Bill No.: House of Representatives Bill 21 of 2019
Introduced in: House of Representatives
Introduced by: Senator the Honourable Rohan Sinanan [Minister of Works and Transport]
Introduced on: 11-Oct-2019
Published in Gazette on: 05-Mar-2020, Vol. 59, No. 27
House of Representatives
11-Oct-2019 1st Reading PDF icon (7,463.5 kb) | Hansard PDF icon (1,371.8 kb)
Sen. the Hon. Rohan Sinanan [Minister of Works and Transport]
03-Jul-2020 Bill Lapsed
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