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3rd Session of the 11th Parliament

The Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic (Spot Speed Camera Enforcement)(Amendment) Bill, 2017

AN ACT to amend the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act, Chap. 48:50 to provide for the implementation of spot speed camera devices for the purpose of detecting speeding violations

The purpose of this Bill is to provide for the implementation of a spot speed camera enforcement system that would capture and produce photographic images or video recordings of speeding violations.

Bill No.: Senate Bill 3 of 2017
Introduced in: The Senate
Introduced by: The Honourable Faris Al-Rawi [Attorney General]
Introduced on: 28-Nov-2017
Published in Gazette on: 07-Dec-2017, Vol.56 No.133
28-Nov-2017 1st Reading PDF icon (87.8 kb) | Hansard PDF icon (958.4 kb)
Hon. Faris Al-Rawi, MP [San Fernando West] [Attorney General]
Gazetted Bill
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