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5th Session of the 11th Parliament

The Evidence (Amendment) Bill, 2019

An Act to amend the Evidence Act, Chap. 7:02

This Bill seeks to amend the Evidence Act, Chap. 7:02 to provide for the use of different identification procedures, interviews and oral admissions, special measures, the taking of evidence by video link and witness anonymity orders.

The Bill would be inconsistent with sections 4 and 5 of the Constitution and is therefore required to be passed by a special majority of three-fifths of the members of each House. This bill was brought forward from the 4th Session.
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Bill No.: Senate Bill 1 of 2019
Introduced in: The Senate
Introduced by: The Honourable Faris Al-Rawi [Attorney General]
Introduced on: 29-Jan-2019
Published in Gazette on: 11-Feb-2019, Vol. 58, No. 17
29-Jan-2019 1st Reading PDF icon (144.0 kb) | Hansard PDF icon (1,332.6 kb)
Hon. Faris Al-Rawi, MP [San Fernando West] [Attorney General]
Bill brought from the 4th Session
03-Jul-2020 Bill Lapsed
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