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4th Session of the 11th Republican Parliament

Condemn the actions of the Government in closing the Petrotrin Refinery

WHEREAS the Board of Petrotrin announced on the August 28, 2018 that the companyís refinery will cease its crude oil refining operations;

AND WHEREAS the Prime Minister on the September 02, 2018 confirmed that the Cabinet had accepted a recommendation of the Petrotrin Board to close its refinery;

AND WHEREAS it is evident that the decision of the Government was without stakeholder consultation and with little or no disclosure to the public;

AND WHEREAS the decision to close the Petrotrin refinery will have direct adverse consequences on thousands of persons as well as on the economy of Trinidad and Tobago;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Senate take note of the failure of the Government to disclose a viable and credible plan to address the needs of those persons/business affected by the closure of the refinery;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Senate condemn the actions of the Government in closing the Petrotrin refinery.

(By Senator Gerald Ramdeen)

First Debated: 27-Nov-2018
Speakers in the:
27-Nov-2018 Senate Debate - Day 1 | Hansard PDF icon (745.2 kb)
Sen. Gerald Ramdeen [Opposition Senator]
Sen. the Hon. Franklin Khan [Minister of Energy and Energy Industries]
Sen. Charrise Seepersad [Independent Senator]
Sen. Taharqa Obika [Opposition Senator]
Sen. the Hon. Clarence Rambharat [Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries]
Sen. Anthony Vieira [Independent Senator]
Sen. Hazel Thompson-Ahye [Independent Senator]
22-Jan-2019 Senate Debate - Day 2 | Hansard PDF icon (498.5 kb)
Sen. Hazel Thompson-Ahye [Independent Senator]
Sen. the Hon. Allyson West [Minister in the Ministry of Finance]
Sen. Wade Mark [Opposition Senator]
Sen. Deoroop Teemal [Independent Senator]
Sen. the Hon. Paula Gopee-Scoon [Minister of Trade and Industry]
Sen. Anita Haynes [Opposition Senator]
Sen. Paul Richards [Independent Senator]
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