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Joint Committees during the 4th Session of the 11th Republican Parliament

  Committee Type
1.Public Accounts CommitteeJoint Select Committee
2.Public Accounts (Enterprises) CommitteeJoint Select Committee
3.Joint Select Committee - The Constitution (Amendment) (Tobago Self-Government) Bill, 2018Joint Select Committee
4.Joint Select Committee - The Cybercrime Bill, 2017Joint Select Committee
5.Joint Select Committee - The Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters Bill, 2018, the Tax Information Exchange Agreements Bill, 2018 and the Income Tax (Amendment) Bill, 2018Joint Select Committee
6.The Committee on Public Administration and AppropriationsJoint Select Committee
7.The Parliamentary Broadcasting CommitteeJoint Select Committee
8.Committee on Government AssurancesJoint Select Committee
9.The Committee on National SecurityJoint Select Committee
10.The Committee on Energy AffairsJoint Select Committee
11.The Committee on Foreign AffairsJoint Select Committee
12.The Committee on Human Rights, Equality and DiversityJoint Select Committee
13.The Committee on Finance and Legal AffairsJoint Select Committee
14.The Committee on Land and Physical InfrastructureJoint Select Committee
15.The Committee on Social Services and Public AdministrationJoint Select Committee
16.The Local Authorities, Service Commissions and Statutory Authorities CommitteeJoint Select Committee
17.The Committee on State EnterprisesJoint Select Committee
18.Joint Select Committee - The Trinidad and Tobago Revenue Authority Bill, 2018Joint Select Committee
19.Joint Select Committee - The Gambling (Gaming and Betting) Control Bill, 2016Joint Select Committee
20.Joint Select Committee on the National Statistical Institute of Trinidad and Tobago Bill, 2018 Joint Select Committee
21.Joint Select Committee on the Private Security Industry Bill, 2019Joint Select Committee
22.Joint Select Committee - The Miscellaneous Provisions (Local Government Reform) Bill, 2019Joint Select Committee

Contact the Committees Unit

The Committees Unit is responsible for providing secretarial support for the various oversight Committees and may be contacted as follows:

Public Accounts Committee

Tel: (868) 624-7275 ext. 2250/2285/2373 or via email to pac@ttparliament.org

Public Accounts (Enterprises) Committee

Tel: (868) 624-7275 ext. 2250/2285/2373 or via email to paec@ttparliament.org

Public Administration and Appropriations Committee

Tel: (868) 624-7275 ext. 2250/2285/2373 or via email to paac@ttparliament.org

Departmental Joint Select Committees

Tel: (868) 624-7275 ext. 2277/2288/2282/2283 or via email to parl101@ttparliament.org

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