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11th Republican Parliament

The Committee on Human Rights, Equality and Diversity

Committee Type: Joint Committee Business
Date Appointed: 13 Nov 2015
Secretary: Candice Skerrette; Ms. Khisha Peterkin (624-7275 ext. 2288/2227)
Email: jschumanrights@ttparliament.org
Member Party Appointment
Mrs. Glenda Jennings-Smith PNM 13 Nov 2015 - Present
Dr. Nyan Gadsby-Dolly (Chairman) PNM 13 Nov 2015 - Present
Mr. Dennis Moses PNM 17 Nov 2015 - Present
Dr. Dhanayshar Mahabir Independent 19 Dec 2016 - Present
Mr. Kazim Hosein PNM 19 Dec 2016 - Present
Mr. Saddam Hosein UNC 28 Nov 2017 - Present
Mr. Esmond Forde PNM 1 Dec 2017 - Present
Mr. Barry Padarath UNC 9 Apr 2018 - Present

Former Members
Mrs. Vidia Gayadeen-Gopeesingh UNC 13 Nov 2015 - 8 Apr 2018
Mr. Randall Mitchell PNM 13 Nov 2015 - 30 Nov 2017
Ms. Jennifer Raffoul Independent 17 Nov 2015 - 18 Dec 2016
Ms. Sarah Budhu PNM 17 Nov 2015 - 31 Oct 2016
Mr. Rodger Samuel COP 17 Nov 2015 - 28 Sep 2017

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The Committee on Human Rights, Equality and Diversity, shall have the duty of considering, from time to time, and reporting whenever necessary, on all matters related to
(a) the compatibility of Acts of Parliament with human rights, and any matters relating to human rights in Trinidad and Tobago (but excluding consideration of individual cases);
(b) Government compliance with national and international human rights instruments to which Trinidad and Tobago is a party; and
(c) the promotion of measures designed to enhance the equalisation of opportunities and improvement in the quality of life and status of all peoples including marginalised groups on the basis of gender, age (elderly, youth, children) disability and the creation of an inclusive and more equitable society through
greater social justice and sustainable human development within Trinidad and Tobago.

At a First Meeting of the Joint Select Committee held on Friday December 11, 2015, Dr. Nyan Gadsby-Dolly and Ms. Sarah Budhu were elected Chairman and Vice-Chairman respectively.

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