Bills beginning with the letter ‘A’

  Short Title House Bill No. Introduced Latest Progress
1.The Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (Amendment) Bill, 2006Senate icon12/200631-Oct-06Coat of Arms icon 05-Jul-07 Assent
2.The Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (Amendment) Bill, 2008House of Representatives icon14/200818-Jun-08Coat of Arms icon 07-Jul-08 Assent
3.The Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago Bill, 2004House of Representatives icon7/200412-Mar-04Coat of Arms icon 09-Jul-04 Proclamation
4.The Administration of Justice (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) Bill, 2011House of Representatives icon32/201109-Nov-11Coat of Arms icon 10-May-12 Assent
5.The Administration of Justice (Electronic Monitoring) (Amendment) Bill, 2020House of Representatives icon3/202006-Mar-20Coat of Arms icon 12-May-20 Assent: Awaiting Proclamation
6.The Administration of Justice (Electronic Monitoring) Bill, 2011House of Representatives icon35/201125-Nov-11Coat of Arms icon 03-Jul-12 Assent: Awaiting Proclamation
7.The Administration of Justice (Indictable Proceedings) (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill, 2019House of Representatives icon5/201922-Mar-19Coat of Arms icon 21-Jun-19 Assent
8.The Administration of Justice (Indictable Proceedings) (Amendment) (No. 3) Bill, 2019House of Representatives icon28/201911-Dec-19Coat of Arms icon 08-Jan-20 Assent
9.The Administration of Justice (Indictable Proceedings) (Amendment) Bill, 2012House of Representatives icon7/201212-Sep-12Coat of Arms icon 14-Sep-12 Assent
10.The Administration of Justice (Indictable Proceedings) (Amendment) Bill, 2018House of Representatives icon20/201809-Nov-18Coat of Arms icon 13-Feb-19 Assent
11.The Administration of Justice (Indictable Proceedings) Bill, 2011House of Representatives icon31/201111-Nov-11Coat of Arms icon 31-Aug-12 Partially Proclaimed
12.The Administration of Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill, 1996Senate icon6/199618-Jun-96Coat of Arms icon 29-Oct-96 Proclamation
13.The Administration of Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill, 2001House of Representatives icon8/200109-Feb-01Senate icon 13-Oct-01 Bill Lapsed
14.The Administration of Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill, 2004House of Representatives icon23/200410-Sep-04Coat of Arms icon 29-Jul-05 Assent
15.The Adoption of Children (Amendment) Bill, 2002Senate icon4/200212-Nov-02Coat of Arms icon 19-Mar-03 Assent
16.The Adoption of Children (Amendment) Bill, 2007House of Representatives icon22/200710-Sep-07House of Representatives icon 28-Sep-07 Bill Lapsed
17.The Adoption of Children (Amendment) Bill, 2014House of Representatives icon25/201419-Nov-14Coat of Arms icon 13-Mar-15 Assent
18.The Adoption of Children Bill, 1999House of Representatives icon31/199903-Dec-99Coat of Arms icon 18-May-15 Proclamation
19.The Agricultural Small Holdings Tenure Bill, 2000House of Representatives icon9/200028-Apr-00Senate icon 07-Oct-00 Bill Lapsed
20.The Air Navigation Bill, 2001Senate icon7/200127-Mar-01Senate icon 20-Jun-01 Bill Withdrawn
21.The Airports Authority (Amendment) Bill, 2001House of Representatives icon7/200109-Feb-01House of Representatives icon 13-Oct-01 Bill Lapsed
22.The Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (Amendment) Bill, 2006House of Representatives icon28/200615-Dec-06Coat of Arms icon 05-Mar-07 Assent
23.The Animal (Diseases and Importation) (Amendment) Bill, 2019Senate icon7/201911-Sep-19Coat of Arms icon 03-Jul-20 Assent: Awaiting Proclamation
24.The Animal (Diseases and Importation) Amendment Bill, 2019Senate icon7/201911-Sep-19Senate icon 11-Sep-19 1st Reading
25.The Anti Gang Bill, 2017House of Representatives icon23/201701-Dec-17House of Representatives icon 07-Dec-17 Bill Defeated
26.The Anti-Doping In Sport Bill, 2013House of Representatives icon5/201313-Mar-13Coat of Arms icon 01-Jun-15 Proclamation
27.The Anti-Gang Bill, 2010House of Representatives icon13/201016-Jul-10Coat of Arms icon 15-Aug-11 Proclamation
28.The Anti-Gang Bill, 2018House of Representatives icon4/201809-Mar-18Coat of Arms icon 28-May-18 Proclamation
29.The Anti-Personnel Mines Bill, 2000Senate icon16/200002-May-00Coat of Arms icon 06-Nov-00 Proclamation
30.The Anti-Terrorism (Amendment) Bill, 2010Senate icon1/201005-Jan-10Senate icon 08-Jan-10 Bill Lapsed
31.The Anti-Terrorism (Amendment) Bill, 2011House of Representatives icon17/201113-Apr-11Coat of Arms icon 24-Jun-11 Assent
32.The Anti-Terrorism (Amendment) Bill, 2017House of Representatives icon9/201713-Feb-17House of Representatives icon 26-Sep-17 Bill Lapsed
33.The Anti-Terrorism (Amendment) Bill, 2018House of Representatives icon1/201826-Jan-18Coat of Arms icon 20-Aug-18 Proclamation
34.The Anti-Terrorism (Amendment)(No.2) Bill, 2010Senate icon2/201013-Jan-10Coat of Arms icon 21-Jan-10 Assent
35.The Anti-Terrorism Bill, 2004House of Representatives icon27/200413-Oct-04Coat of Arms icon 13-Sep-05 Assent
36.The Appropriation (Financial Year - 2012) Bill, 2011House of Representatives icon28/201110-Oct-11Coat of Arms icon 25-Oct-11 Assent
37.The Appropriation (Financial Year - 2016) Bill, 2015House of Representatives icon13/201505-Oct-15Coat of Arms icon 26-Oct-15 Assent
38.The Appropriation (Financial Year - 2018) Bill, 2017House of Representatives icon17/201702-Oct-17Coat of Arms icon 31-Oct-17 Assent
39.The Appropriation (Financial Year - 2019) Bill, 2018House of Representatives icon18/201801-Oct-18Coat of Arms icon 26-Oct-18 Assent
40.The Appropriation (Financial Year 2010) Bill, 2009House of Representatives icon19/200907-Sep-09Coat of Arms icon 28-Sep-09 Assent
41.The Appropriation (Financial Year 2011) Bill, 2010House of Representatives icon17/201008-Sep-10Coat of Arms icon 30-Sep-10 Assent
42.The Appropriation (Financial Year 2013) Bill, 2012House of Representatives icon8/201201-Oct-12Coat of Arms icon 19-Oct-12 Assent
43.The Appropriation (Financial Year 2014) Bill, 2013House of Representatives icon16/201309-Sep-13Coat of Arms icon 27-Sep-13 Assent
44.The Appropriation (Financial Year 2015) Bill, 2014House of Representatives icon21/201408-Sep-14Coat of Arms icon 13-Oct-14 Assent
45.The Appropriation (Financial Year 2017) Bill 2016House of Representatives icon12/201630-Sep-16Coat of Arms icon 27-Oct-16 Assent
46.The Appropriation (Financial Year 2020) Bill, 2019House of Representatives icon20/201907-Oct-19Coat of Arms icon 30-Oct-19 Assent
47.The Appropriation Bill 1999/2000House of Representatives icon13/199908-Oct-99Coat of Arms icon 28-Oct-99 Assent
48.The Appropriation Bill, 1992House of Representatives icon1/199217-Jan-92Coat of Arms icon 30-Jan-92 Assent
49.The Appropriation Bill, 1996House of Representatives icon2/199610-Jan-96Coat of Arms icon 26-Jan-96 Assent
50.The Appropriation Bill, 1997House of Representatives icon36/199612-Dec-96Coat of Arms icon 31-Dec-96 Assent
51.The Appropriation Bill, 2001House of Representatives icon23/200028-Aug-00Coat of Arms icon 22-Sep-00 Assent
52.The Appropriation Bill, 2002House of Representatives icon30/200114-Sep-01Coat of Arms icon 28-Sep-01 Assent
53.The Appropriation Bill, 2003House of Representatives icon1/200221-Oct-02Coat of Arms icon 31-Oct-02 Assent
54.The Appropriation Bill, 2004House of Representatives icon22/200306-Oct-03Coat of Arms icon 29-Oct-03 Assent
55.The Appropriation Bill, 2005House of Representatives icon26/200408-Oct-04Coat of Arms icon 28-Oct-04 Assent
56.The Appropriation Bill, 2006House of Representatives icon19/200528-Sep-05Coat of Arms icon 18-Oct-05 Assent
57.The Appropriation Bill, 2007House of Representatives icon25/200604-Oct-06Coat of Arms icon 25-Oct-06 Assent
58.The Appropriation Bill, 2008House of Representatives icon17/200720-Aug-07Coat of Arms icon 07-Sep-07 Assent
59.The Appropriation Bill, 2009House of Representatives icon23/200822-Sep-08Coat of Arms icon 10-Oct-08 Assent
60.The Arbitration (Foreign Arbitral Awards) Bill, 1996House of Representatives icon31/199604-Oct-96Coat of Arms icon 19-Nov-96 Assent
61.The Ashtang Yoga Association of Trinidad and Tobago (Incorporation) Bill, 2000House of Representatives icon2/200018-Feb-00Coat of Arms icon 26-Sep-00 Assent
62.The Assisted Secondary School Teachers' Pensions (Amendment) Bill, 2008House of Representatives icon12/200809-May-08Coat of Arms icon 06-Nov-08 Assent
63.The Association of Caribbean States (Headquarters) Bill, 2004House of Representatives icon33/200418-Oct-04Coat of Arms icon 20-Jul-05 Assent
64.The Association of Independent Ministries (Incorporation) Bill, 1995Senate icon20/199622-Jan-96Coat of Arms icon 22-May-96 Assent
65.The Association of Real Estate Agents (Incorporation) Bill, 2011House of Representatives icon7/201125-Mar-11House of Representatives icon 17-Jun-11 Bill Lapsed
66.The Association of Real Estate Agents (Incorporation)(No. 2) Bill, 2011House of Representatives icon25/201125-Nov-11Coat of Arms icon 02-Jul-12 Assent